Web presence for artists



As an artist we understand that self-expression is a major driving force behind who you are. We aim to bring you on the web the way you see yourself.

Online canvas for your work

Blank Canvas. Our approach to creating websites for the arts is what we call a blank canvas. We design a frame to compliment and highlight your work. After an initial consultation we tailor the frame to the type of content you are planning to display.

Focused design

Focus. It is important for us to understand what your focus is, what is the message you are sharing with your audience before we begin so we can build the right canvas for you.

Easy web design consultation

Time. Our consultation and design process is unlimited in time as we believe that you cannot rush beauty into being. When you are ready we will begin.


We aim to make content sharing between your site and social media simple.

Instagram wall for your website

Fluid Instagram. We create a fluid instagram feed in your website that searches your instagram by hashtags. It displays selected posts from your instagram account. You select what instagram content to show for a given place or page in your website.

Share your website on Facebook

Facebook data. We create structured data for your website. We aim to enhance the appearance of your content on Facebook when you or your visitors share it.

CMS for your website

Content management. As an optional free service we create a content management system CMS tailored to you. It allow you to manage your content from your mobile or widescreen device securely on the go.

Searchbox for your site

Search. As an optional service, we deploy a premium search engine to your website. We aim to empower your visitors to navigate your content easily. We include a custom categorization feature that allows you to create your own collections, galleries and much more.

Cloud space to share your artwork

Space. As an optional free service we give you an unlimited hot cloud storage space. We aim to empower you to share links with your content across the internet regardless of format or size.


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