Instagram Wall Integration

Instagram Wall

This article is about social media integration. We will be adding an Instagram feed or Instagram wall to a website. We will look into why an Instagram feed can be very beneficial.


Instagram is a visually rich platform that has over 1 billion users, it is a top place for sharing images. If you are selling any products that people can take a picture with like clothes, vehicles or food then you can invite your customers to take some pictures and tag themselves. You can show them being happy with your products, it is a great way to create relationships. Also, your visitors are more likely to buy from you if they see real people, customers who are satisfied with your products.

Integration Guide

In order to integrate an Instagram wall on a website we need a Facebook developer account. Here is a official guide on how to create a developer account and start integrating Instagram on your website – getting started with Instagram Basic Display API.

it is worth mentioning that there are a few limitations on retrieving data from Instagram since 2020. There are two ways to get data now, the first is the “Instagram Basic Display API” which allows us to retrieve all the content from our Instagram account page. The second one is the “Instagram Graph API” which allows us to search all of Instagram for hashtags. If you would like to use the second one your company will have to pass a business verification procedure. With the “Instagram Graph API” you can search all of Instagram for 30 different hashtags within a rolling, 7 day period. That is good enough if you have less than 30 different products / product lines that you want to show in a single week.

Adding context

Just displaying a feed with all of our Instagram content starting from the newest to the oldest is not perfect. What we need is context. If our visitors are on the page with our line of sunglasses and our Instagram wall is showing photos of our motorcycle line and our craft spirits collection then we are not doing a good job. The way to give some context to our Instagram wall is to make our website search or filter our Instagram content by hashtags.

So which API to choose?

The easiest thing is to retrieve all the content from our Instagram account page with the “Instagram Basic Display API”. Then we can filter the content by hashtags on our website. We will be able to display a different Instagram feed on every product page. However, our different feeds will have only one source – our Instagram account page. If you need to retrieve content from all of Instagram then you should set up your integration by following this official guide – getting started with Instagram Graph API. The “Instagram Graph API” will allow you to search all of Instagram for 30 different hashtags within a rolling, 7 day period.

Instagram feed placement for online stores

Ideally, on every product page after the description we should have a “As seen on Instagram ” heading and below it an Instagram feed that shows images of the product in that page. Instagram walls are incredibly useful for showing a proof of concept. Social proof that the service/ product in question works and is desired by others.

Overall, an Instagram feed is an incredibly useful feature to add to any website. If you are selling popular products that can end up in the Instagram profiles of your customers then an Instagram feed may even be essential.